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Brazilian Lobster Tails

Brazilian Lobster TailsIn three sizes: Large (12-14 ounce) Jumbo (16-20 ounce) and Magnum (20-24 ounce) Brazilian lobster tails are from the warm waters off the coast of Brazil. These waters provide the perfect setting for some of the best tasting warm water lobster tails in the world. Our customers rave that these huge tails are very tender and loaded with flavor. These bright crimson tails are sought after for their very unique flavor and sweet, tender meat.

12-14 ounce Large
Brazilian Lobster Tail
$39.95 each
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16-20 ounce Jumbo
Brazilian Lobster Tail
$45.95 each
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20-24 ounce Magnum
Brazilian Lobster Tail
$59.95 each
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Maine Lobster Tails Hand selected, from Maine and Canada
North Atlantic Lobster Tails

Cold Water Lobster Tails We have hand selected the very best North Atlantic Lobster Tails. A "down-east" cold-water tail with succulent, creamy white meat, that has a delicate flavor all its own. Very large, meaty tails, loaded with extra tender meat high in lobster flavor.

12-14 ounce
North Atlantic Lobster Tail
$39.95 ea
16-20 ounce Extra Large
North Atlantic Lobster Tail
$49.95 each
20-24 ounce Super Colossal
North Atlantic Lobster Tail
$64.95 each
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White Truffle Butter

Truffle Butter King Crab Melted ButterAdd decadent flavor to even the most savory Alaska Wild Seafood. White Truffle Butter is prized for its aromatic flavor that transforms your seafood. The aroma will allure your company and the flavor will quickly become your kitchen's favorite versatile ingredient to use.

Best with: King Crab, Lobster, Scallops, Scampi, and Salmon.
3 oz.
D'Artagnan White Truffle Butter
Packaged Lobster MeatPre-cooked Cold-Water
Lobster Meat

Direct from the icy waters of the North Atlantic we are proud to offer our Pure 100% Lobster Meat. Comes completely shelled. Each #2 Lb. bag contains Premium Grade Claw and Knuckle Meat - the very best. This product is perfect for Lobster Bisque, Lobster Louie's, Lobster Rolls & Sandwiches, Lobster Benedict & much more. Comes Frozen in 2 Lb. Vacuum Packed Bag.

Order your Cold - Water Lobster Meat
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
2 lb. bag
Cold-Water Lobster Meat
$69.95 ea.

3 lb. Bags, Pre-Cooked
Canadian Cold Water Lobster Claws

Huge Lobster ClawsThese Huge Lobster Claws are a perfect item for entertaining. Best when prepared using a crab boil or a Louisiana Type Crawfish feed, these will be the hit of the party. Use the simple recipe below, serve along with new potatoes, corn on the cob, etc., and have a feast you will always remember.

Order your Canadian Cold Water Lobster Claws
3 lb. bag (2-3 claws per pound) Pre-cooked
Canadian Cold Water
Lobster Claws
$64.95 each
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Ingredients: 6 Quarts of water, 6 Tablespoons salt, 2 Teaspoons Original "LOUISIANA" Hot Sauce, 2 bags Zatarain's Dry Crab Boil 3 Oz., 8 Tablespoons Old Bay Seasoning, 1 Tablespoon Cayenne Red Pepper, 2 Teaspoons vinegar, 2 lemons, cut in quarters.

  • Bring To A Boil
  • Add Lobster Claws, or King Crab or Both. Bring Back To A Boil; Boil For 5 Minutes.
  • You Can Also Add Shrimp Or Prawns, But Only Boil For 1 Minute At The End
  • Turn Off Heat and let sit for 20 minutes.
You can also add potatoes, corn, onion and garlic. Just add new potatoes to the boiling mixture 5 minutes before the lobster. Garlic, corn on the cob and onions 2 minutes before.

Try your own variation - it is so tasty and a very healthy meal!

Lobster Paella Lobster Paella
We cook our Lobster Claws right along with our King Crab Legs. We even add some Wild Shrimp and Scallops. Makes A Perfect Unique, Healthy Meal !!
Click here for this Lobster Paella Recipe

Crab CrackerCrab Cracker
How To With the Crab Cracker, your battle with seafood shells is over. The ergonomic handle and sawtooth tip make it simple to crack any stubborn shellfish that might stand in your way. You'll actually be able to eat a meal without breaking a sweat, or a finger. Pack of four. Order today and crack the crab or lobster!
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Four pack
Shell Crackers

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